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Photo by: Randy Baum

The Friends organization exists because of the generosity of our loyal donors. ​

The Friends of Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge invite you to support the refuge with your visits, your volunteerism, and your financial contributions. Through your gift, you are helping to:

  • Support the development of hands-on, standards-based nature education programs.

  • Enhance refuge festivals and events and offer them free to the public.

  • Provide funds for equipment and supplies used by participants in educational activities.

  • Help defray bus transportation costs so more student groups can visit.

  • Contribute to interpretive signs, spotting scopes, brochures, and other visitor amenities.

  • Help us build our endowment fund to provide ongoing support for refuge programs.

  • Support refuge conservation projects.


Charitable giving can be done in many thoughtful ways. Consult your tax adviser to learn more about how a charitable gift can help relieve your tax burden. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Here are a few examples of gifts that may suit your philanthropy planning: 


• Checks or Credit Card

Please make checks payable to the Friends of Sherburne NWR and mail to Friends of Sherburne, 17076 293rd Ave NW, Zimmerman, MN 55398. Download and complete the member/donation/renewal form to send with your payment.

The Friends of Sherburne accepts credit card payments via (you can even set up recurring payments!).

• Non-Cash Donations

Non-cash donations are a powerful way to give. Publicly traded stocks, real estate, personal property and qualified retirement assets are a few options to consider. We partner with the Initiative Foundation, a leading community foundation in Central Minnesota, to handle non-cash donations. You can learn more about it at the Initiative Foundation website.

Link: What You Can Give - Main Page (


• Recognize and Remember

You can recognize a friend, loved one or community member with gifts donated as an honorarium or memorial. For more info, contact us at



Join the Friends in providing for the future by contributing to the Legacy Fund, managed by the Initiative Foundation - a community foundation serving Central Minnesota and based in Little Falls, Minnesota.


Like a "forever savings account," gifts to our Legacy Fund will be invested, and the Friends will be able to use proceeds from this endowment fund to support refuge programs for years to come.

Checks for the Legacy Fund should be made payable  to "Initiative Foundation for benefit of Friends of Sherburne NWR" and sent to "Initiative Foundation, Attn: Friends of Sherburne NWR, 405 First Street SE, Little Falls, MN 56345".



Gifts of $500 or more in the calendar year will be recognized with an engraved patio brick at the Oak Savanna Learning Center. Gifts of $1,000 or more will be recognized permanently on a plaque inside the building.


For more information on tax-advantaged planned giving through your will, appreciated stocks, Donor Advised Funds or IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMD), please use this link to send an email to


For more information on who we are and what we do, download our brochure or pick up a copy at the Gift Store.

The Friends accepts on-line credit card donations (you can even set up recurring donations.) You can also give by check or other ways as described on this page.

Photo by: Diana Doherty

They know the importance of connecting people with the environment, of planting seeds of knowledge and curiosity, and of fostering stewardship for the future. 


This group builds what Aldo Leopold called a “land ethic” - what I would describe as an individual’s obligation to the maintenance and protection of the total land organism. 


If we can all adopt this concept our world will change, providing hope and guidance for all. In many ways this is what the Friends do and I thank them for that commitment!

Ron Bowen, Prairie Restorations, Inc.

The Friends are volunteers of the heart...

As an all-volunteer organization, over 90% of your gift goes directly to funding our programs!  

Did you know?

Many on-line retailers will donate to the Friends if you use apps or Chrome extension.  Sign up with them and specify "Friends of Sherburne NWR" as your cause.

You can also use (the sponsor of "Give to the Max Day") to donate, joint or renew.
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