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We made it!

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Build it!

We are funding an outdoor amphitheater at the Oak Savanna Learning Center. Your generous donations are now helping build it!  CONSTRUTION HAS BEGUN!!

Proposed Sherburne NWR Amphitheater. Art by

Image by: Damon Farber

A Place to Gather

An outdoor amphitheater at the Oak Savanna Learning Center is the next step in a larger vision for the refuge. We want to allow visitors to learn, connect and grow their knowledge of and appreciation for the wildlife and habitats.

  • Fully-accessible 100+ seat amphitheater

  • Unobstructed views of the wetlands and oak savanna

  • Pollinator-friendly native plantings and landscaping

A young girl with magnifying glass studying insects at Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Bruce Ellingson.

Photo by: Bruce Ellingson

We are refuge partners

The Friends of Sherburne partner with the refuge to present nature education and interpretive programs to more than 2,000 students, scouts, and visitors from area schools and organizations each year. The Friends also provide support so that visitors of all ages can enjoy the trails and Wildlife Drive, attend festivals, bird and wildflower tours and photography programs.

Spring birdwatchers at Sherburne NWR. Photo by Bruce Ellingson.

Photo by: Bruce Ellingson

Now is the time

With so many becoming increasingly disconnected from nature, the Friends are committed to expanding horizons and opportunities. There is no more urgent time than now for our youth and adults alike to understand our delicate ecosystem and the role we all play in its conservation.

You and others are bringing the amphitheater to life!

In addtion to your generous gifts we have obtained grants. 

  • The Initiative Foundation manages the endowment of the Friends of Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge Fund which granted funds for this effort. 

  • The Central Minnesota Arts Board provide funds for  art work celebrating the area's Native American legacy.

  • Other family based foundations have contributed.

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