The refuge has moved into summer.  

  • Sandhill cranes and Trumpeter Swans re nurturing their young in fields and wetlands

  • The Eagle nest on the Wildlife Drive is active with young 

  • Butterflyweed (orange) and Spiderwort (purple) is replacing Lupines. Pucoon (Yellow) is still visible on road and trail sides. Also look for wild roses (pink).


For daily bird sightings as recorded in eBird,  check out .


Caution: poison ivy is abundant  on trail and road sides.  And there are ticks.  NEW! --- deerflies!


The outdoor-accessible restrooms are open again, but other facilities, including Refute HQ,  remain closed.


For event updates, please consult the following resources:

We urge to do your part when visiting and to follow CDC guidance to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by maintaining a safe distance between yourself and other groups. As long as these practices are observed, visiting the refuge can be a great way to get outdoors, enjoy the weather and avoid cabin fever.

Click here for Refuge COVID-19 info.

Photo by: David Halgrimson

Photo by: Jill Beim

Prairie Trail Vignette

Robin DeLong, Roving Interpreter on the Prairie's Edge Wildlife Drive, highlights last spring's  Lupine bloom along the Refuge's Prairie Trail. Each year, the bloom occurs beginning about the end of May, depending upon spring weather conditions. 

Video by: Bruce Ellingson

Photo by: Bruce Ellingson

See the Upcoming Events Page for information on postponed or cancelled activities.

"On any given visit, nature surprises and delights me."

- Dean Kleinhans, volunteer

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Photo by: Bruce Ellingson



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