Sandhill Creates at sunset - Sherburne National Wildllife Refuge

Photo by: Monica Bryand

Video by: Bruce Ellingson

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Early Summer on the Refuge

The early blush of wildflowers is tapering off but new flowers will bloom all summer. 


Bird breeding season is underway.  This is still a great time to view local birds as they are active and vocalizing.   See our Birding Map for suggestions on where to see birds.


Refuge HQ is open standard hours: Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.  The nature store at HQ will remain closed for a while.  The Prairie's Edge Wildlife Drive is open and soon "Rovers" (volunteer naturalists) will be driving it to answer questions.


The Friends have a volunteer opportunity to lead a team of volunteers at the Eagles Nest Nature Store on the Refuge plus it's online store. Details can be found in this PDF document . Questions?   Send us email at 

Members receive semi-annual newsletters in their mail.  You can now view June 2022 PDF version.

See Upcoming events for a schedule of on-site information.


For daily bird sightings as recorded in eBird,  check out .


For event updates, please consult the following resources:

Photo by: Suzanne Fish

Our annual Sandhill Crane fundraiser is over for the year, and it has been successful.  Thanks to all who dontated and be assured the gift bandanas are on their way!

Video by: Bruce Ellingson/USFWS


Photo by: Bruce Ellingson

"On any given visit, nature surprises and delights me."

- Dean Kleinhans, volunteer

Autumn Leaves on the ground.

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Photo by: Bruce Ellingson